Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy birthday, dear Dalek, happy birthday to you

They first appeared on screen 50 years ago today, in a serial variously known as "The Mutants," "The Dead Planet" and the name that would eventually enter into popular lore, "THE DALEKS."
Their emergence from the "DOCTOR WHO" television series into mainstream culture is so impressive and complete that a 2008 survey found nine out of 10 British children could correctly identify them.
I have loved Daleks since childhood, when I craved SCIENCE FICTION on television and "Doctor Who" provided interesting, entertaining stories and characters -- none more memorable than the Daleks and their tales.
I'm not alone.
Daleks have made significant impressions on other people, particularly those in music. They've become the subjects of songs -- "I am a Dalek" by THE ART ATTACKS is a punk favorite from 1978 -- and they've been incorporated into the names of bands -- the Liverpool synthpop combo DALEK I LOVE YOU.
Clearly, Doctor Who's most famous nemeses have earned the accolades that come their way today -- the 50th anniversary of their entering our consciousness.


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