Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cricket over the air, on the page and in my dreams

I have been listening to CRICKET on the radio and reading about it  in RAMACHANDRA GUHA'S excellent book, "A CORNER OF A FOREIGN FIELD," so I suppose it comes as no surprise the sport entered my dreams overnight.
Cricket provided the backdrop for a series of dreams, including one involving the careful packing of a bookbag with statistical notes of varying lengths.
On the radio, I've been enjoying the fourth ASHES Test.
AUSTRALIA (270) lead ENGLAND (238) by 32 runs after both sides completed their first innings at Chester-le-Street.
In Guha's book, I've been reading about the growth of Indian nationalism in the 1930s, and how it coincided, influenced and reflected INDIA'S initial Test match encounters with imperial England.
It's a fascinating historical study of a country where cricket and nationalism remain intricately connected.
Heck, I bet people in India dream about cricket all the time! 


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