Friday, August 09, 2013

Cricket, history, radio, bugs and birds make a perfect summer combination

Birds singing, bugs chirping and CRICKET on the radio -- that's one of my favorite ways to start a morning.
Alastair Cook has reached 21 not out as ENGLAND (57-1) opened the fourth ASHES Test against AUSTRALIA today at the Riverside Ground in Chester-le-Street, Durham.
The time difference meant I listened to the morning session while the rest of my family slumbered, and only the aforementioned birds and bugs (well, and our two cats) were beginning their day's activities.
I've had the great game of cricket on my mind in recent days, as I am reading RAMACHANDRA GUHA'S excellent history of the sport in India, "A CORNER OF A FOREIGN FIELD."
I expect my weekend will be filled with radio coverage of the Test and the further examination of cricket's tremendous growth on the subcontinent.
It makes for a perfect SUMMER combination.


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