Monday, August 19, 2013

A real team effort from the Eagles

The 1973 EAGLES song "SATURDAY NIGHT" has been stuck in my head since we listened to the band's "DESPERADO" album this weekend in the car.
Don Henley and Randy Meisner shared lead vocals on the poignant ballad, which features mandolin by Bernie Leadon -- the Eagles' "secret weapon" during their early days and the solid link from the band to the country music tradition.
"Saturday Night" actually offers much of what fans enjoy about the Eagles' music.
Author John Einarson writes:
"The melancholy 'Saturday Night' is an example of the Eagles' lovely harmonizing."
The band's talent at harmonizing continued to be the Eagles' strength, even during the latter days of the group's first incarnation, when there was very little other harmonizing between members.
Fittingly, perhaps, "Saturday Night" is the only track on "Desperado" bearing writing credits of the four Eagles -- Henley, Meisner, Leadon and Glenn Frey -- without outside assistance.
It's a real team effort.


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