Monday, March 25, 2013

You mean FGCU isn't some new texting slang?

I haven't followed COLLEGE BASKETBALL as closely this season as in years past, but DUNK CITY made me sit up and take notice this weekend.
"Dunk City" is a nickname associated with FLORIDA GULF COAST UNIVERSITY, an unlikely basketball powerhouse whose common abbreviation, FGCU, looks more like text-message slang than a symbol of hoops greatness.
Last night, the Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast beat SAN DIEGO STATE, 81-71, to become the first 15th-seeded team to reach the SWEET SIXTEEN of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.
Florida Gulf Coast only opened in 1997 and is in only its second year of postseason basketball eligibility.
Most people -- myself included -- only became cognizant of the school after they had upset second-seeded GEORGETOWN in their tourney opener.
Now, most neutrals are cheering for this unlikely "Cinderella."
I will, too, unless they ever play MY BELOVED OREGON DUCKS, who also reached the Sweet Sixteen this year.


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