Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A book to keep me warm -- since spring won't

If this SPRING is going to be more like WINTER -- it's currently 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside and yet another snowstorm is targeting us this weekend -- I might as well have something good to read while bundled up inside.
"THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD: DAVID BOWIE AND THE 1970s" by PETER DOGGETT is a song-by-song examination of the British rocker's peak creative output, viewing each track musically, lyrically and in the light of Bowie's influences and within the context of the decade.
"No other pop artist (in any medium) was as restlessly inventive in the seventies as David Bowie," Doggett writes. "None took as many risks, so obsessively avoided the safety of repetition, or stretched himself and his audience so far."
I  am currently reading about Bowie's early life as Dave Jones of Beckenham, and I am learning a lot about the rock star's earliest influences.

If I have to be stuck in my house because winter doesn't know when to quit, I might as well enjoy a good book.


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