Thursday, March 14, 2013

"I thought you knew how to kill the monster?" "Me? I thought you did!"

It was a familiar scene from my childhood.
We had reached that crucial time in a Japanese KAIJU EIGA (monster movie) when the authorities have exhausted all possibilities and finally admit to having no idea how to rid themselves of the monster ravaging the community.
All that is left for them is to step back and let the kids/friendly monster/tiny people from faraway island/other unlikely ally present the solution.
I remembered these countless scenes last night while watching an old favorite on DVD.
"GAMERA TAI MAJU JAIGA (GAMERA VS. MONSTER X)" relies on both kids and a friendly monster to shed OSAKA of the monster-scourge tearing the city to pieces.
There's a twist, of course.
SPOILER ALERT: The kids actually have to perform an operation of sorts inside the friendly monster, traveling into the creature's gut via a miniature submarine.
The far-fetched plotting of Japanese monster movies never troubled me as a youngster. I was a devoted fan of seeing gigantic creatures fight each other and smash buildings and railroads to bits.
Watching these films now, I scratch my head at the ludicrous elements while smiling at the memories of Saturday afternoons in front of the TV, waiting for those times when the authorities finally threw their hands up in the air and exclaimed:
"How do we stop this thing?"


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