Friday, March 29, 2013

Giving the drummers some

Here at ROUTE 1, we're certainly proponents of the adage, "GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME."
So, any drummers out there, please let us know if you want some.
In the meantime, readers answer the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"Who is your favorite drummer?"
MIKE D. -- No real favorite ... maybe Mick Fleetwood or Don Henley or Tommy Lee or Alex Van Halen. Favorite drum set? Luis Cardenas', from the 1980s video for "Runaway."
RICK T. -- Todd who plays in Gene Watson's Farewell Party Band.
JOHN S. -- Neil Peart.
STEVE M. -- In rock: Keith Moon. In jazz: Art Blakey.
LAURA C. -- Peter Craft!
KERI M. -- The guy from Def Leppard.
JEFF T. -- Those 12 guys in the Christmas Song, of course.
BRIAN M. -- Neil Peart or the late Joe Morello, the longtime drummer for the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Neil could have played with Dave Brubeck, and Joe could have played in Rush.
ANNIKA H. -- Roger Taylor.
JIM S. -- Mick Fleetwood. I love the song "Tusk," though he had a lot of help on that one. But I also get bored with long drum solos.
KERSTIN H. -- Really? This question is too easy! Obviously my answer has to be Roger Taylor from Queen!
ERIK H. -- John Bonham in rock and Art Blakey in jazz. Actually, as Brian mentioned, I would love to have heard them switch roles some time!


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