Friday, February 01, 2013

Our favorite sports memories!

You might have heard there's a "big game" this weekend.
It's true!

That's why ROUTE 1 readers are answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION this week:
"What's your favorite sports memory?"
RICK T. -- Going to Chicago to watch my first baseball game. It was at the old Comiskey Park and Carlton Fisk was catching and a young Frank Thomas and Ozzie Guillen was playing.
KERSTIN H. -- Saturday "football" with the family and pets. My favorite part of most weekends, especially when it's Manchester United winning and Chelsea losing!
JOHN S. -- Seeing UNI beat overall No. 1 seed Kansas State to advance to the Sweet Sixteen!
SANDYE V. -- At first I thought: I've got nothing. But then I remembered when the Benton (where I live) boys basketball team won the state championship for the first time ever in 2009. That was pretty special. There were 4,000 spectators on the Zephyr side at the Kohl Center in Madison. Pretty good for a town of 1,000!
JEFF T. -- It was "the hit." (Ole Miss upset the 13th-ranked Arkansas Razorbacks 21-17 before a sellout crowd of 54,890 at War Memorial Stadium). I was in the crowd when Chris Mitchell made an epic hit on the 1-yard-line to knock the Arkansas back (Ron Dickerson Jr I think) out of bounds and keep him out of the end zone as the clock ticked off.  The Razorbacks were stunned and never recovered that season (1990), losing almost every game in their last season in the Southwest Conference.
STEVE M. -- Dad taking me to my first Dodger game. Drysdale beat the Mets at Dodger stadium.
INGER H. -- Without question, watching the SF Giants win the World Series at 3 a.m. in a bar in London with a few dozen other San Franciscans. I'll never forget it!
JIM S. -- Since sports has been a major part of my life, I have three:
Watching: (tie) As a sports reporter, covering Iowa basketball in Seattle at 1987 Sweet 16 tournament and covering Wisconsin at the 1993 Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
Coaching: Leading the Kieler boys basketball team to four wins in the end-of-season tournament, beating powerful Cuba City in the title game (late 1980s).
Playing: Scoring 10 points in my final alumni basketball tournament game at age 53 against a team of 30-year-olds.
ERIK H. -- The first San Francisco Giants' World Series victory in 2010 was an emotional moment for me. I couldn't help thinking about two people in my life who had taught me about baseball and to be a lifelong Giants fan -- my late grandmother, Marge Smith, and my late dad, George Hogstrom. I knew they were celebrating somewhere -- dancing around in black and orange just like me.


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