Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thinking spring -- yeah, I know -- with Genesis

"'Paper late!' cried a voice in the crowd. 'Old man dies!' The note he left was signed 'Old  Father Thames' -- it seems he's drowned; selling England by the pound."
Perhaps it's our EXTREME COLD WEATHER -- currently minus-4 Fahrenheit as I write these words -- but I am definitely in the mood for SPRING.
I know the season of blooms and greenery remains a long way off, so I am consoling myself by listening to an album that always makes me think of spring -- "SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND" by GENESIS.
This Genesis sang strange poetry set to complicated music, thus being a far cry from the pop heavyweights of the singing Phil Collins years.
Maybe I always associate this album with spring because there's a song about a lawnmower.
Maybe the complex arrangements and lyrics that tell tales have me focusing on the songs, and not on the wind-chill readings.
Whatever the case, Genesis has taken my mind off the numbing conditions, at least for now.
"We'll tease the bull ringing round and loud, loud and round. Follow on! With a twist of the world we go. Follow on! Till the gold is cold. Dancing out with the moonlit knight, Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout."


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