Friday, January 25, 2013

Knowing your history can set you free

Introduce a people to their true history and tyranny is sure to crumble.
That's one of the themes of "LENIN'S TOMB: THE LAST DAYS OF THE SOVIET EMPIRE," the book by DAVID REMNICK I began reading today.
Remnick arrived in MOSCOW in 1988, a correspondent for the WASHINGTON POST at a time when a growing faction of Communist Party officials began to reevaluate the SOVIET UNION'S history -- which had been officially revised and redacted so many times that few people knew the truth.
Shedding light on that truth was one of the hallmarks of perestroika, Remnick writes, and also helped sound the death knell for a regime propped by decades of rewritten history.
Remnick's book is fascinating, and I have to thank my sister INGER for lending it to me!


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