Monday, September 10, 2012

Pacing, biting nails... yep, the 49ers are back!

Pacing... biting nails... holding my head in my hands... followed by the release that only sweet relief can bring.
Yep. The SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS are playing again!
I grew up a Niners fan, schooled in loving the NFL team by my late dad, who had season tickets in the 1960s.
During my teens, following the team seemed like a continuing, Super Bowl-winning circus.
Joe Montana... Jerry Rice... Roger Craig...
The team boasted the league's top stars and were expected to win.
After another golden age led by Steve Young, however, the Niners fell on decidedly hard times.
They appear to be clawing their way back to greatness, however, based upon last season's evidence.
That didn't stop me worrying about yesterday's game with the GREEN BAY PACKERS.
The 49ers did hold on to win, 30-22, and I breathed a deep sigh of relief.
The season, and my emotional connection to the team, has resumed.


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