Friday, September 07, 2012

Delicacies of the week

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich we had last night notwithstanding, this has been a great culinary week at ROUTE 1.
Readers share their own cooking highlights by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What is the best thing you made to eat this week?"
STACEY B. -- Chocolate brownie cookie sandwiches with white chocolate ganache and strawberry preserves.
KERI M. -- Enchillada Casserole with homemade fries.
RICK T. -- BBQ pork ribs, sweet tater and corn on the cob!
JEFF T. -- Reservations!
AMY G. -- I made soup, which seems a little out of season, but it's made with roasted corn on the cob and roasted hatch peppers, so tis the season for this soup. It was so incredibly good I made twice this week.
SANDYE V. -- That's easy! I made pasties for my town's Labor Day festivities. (Every household is asked to contribute one or two for a fund-raising dinner for the fire dept.)
For the uninitiated who think I have whimsically mispelled pastries, a pasty (rhymes with nasty) is a savory meat-potatoes-and-onion pie. It originated in Cornwall, England, and was a staple among the lead miners who immigrated to southwest Wisconsin, among other places.

STEVE M. -- Pesto made with basil from the planters on our deck.
ERIK H. -- A vegetable-based pasta sauce to serve with polenta. It included two different types of Farmers Market tomatoes with garlic sauteed in red wine and olive oil. Mmm.


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