Monday, August 27, 2012

Not so fast, Bruins. Stunning Oregon doesn't ring true

Bruins stun Oregon 21-20
%reldate(2012-08-27T20:36:14 Eds: APNewsNow. UCLA 21, Oregon 20.
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Bob Jones threw three touchdown passes, including the game-winner with 10 seconds left, as UCLA stunned Oregon 21-20 on Saturday night.

You really can't believe everything you read online -- except for ROUTE 1 of course, where we deliver bite-sized and easily digestible portions of the GOSPEL TRUTH every day.
There was a humorous example of a widely repeated fallacy for the DIGITAL AGE this afternoon, when the ASSOCIATED PRESS released the above news item.
Here are three problems with this news item:
1. Today is Monday, not Saturday.
2. Football season doesn't actually begin until this weekend.
3. MY BELOVED OREGON DUCKS and UCLA don't even play this season.
Apparently some sort of test, this item instead hit the wires and was repeated as the truth on hundreds of NEWSPAPER AND TELEVISION STATION WEBSITES across the country -- newspaper and television websites that rely upon automation to populate their pages with news updates.
We don't have that problem at the newspaper where I work.
Nope, we populate our website the old-fashioned way... by hand.


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