Saturday, August 25, 2012

The welcome return of The Darkness

THE DARKNESS is back, and I'm glad.
Putting aside the drug-addled differences that had splintered them, the British band returned this month with an album called "HOT CAKES."
I purchased it yesterday and I am loving it. The album reestablishes The Darkness as purveyors of classic rock served with a healthy portions of knowing humor.
The first verse of the first track, "Every Inch of You," sets out the band's stall, as JUSTIN HAWKINS sings:
"Oh baby, I was a loser -- several years on the dole. An Englishman with a very high voice doing rock and roll."
The Darkness "reintroduced preposterousness to mainstream guitar music," according to Kitty Empire in The Guardian.
However, the band members seemed almost obligated to live the rock excesses they exalted on albums "PERMISSION TO LAND" and "ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL... AND BACK."
It was little wonder the journey came to an end in rehab and acrimony.
That's why I'm so pleased with the current -- and hopefully permanent -- reunion. The Darkness sound like they're having fun again, and that means rock lovers have fun, too.
"I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be a vet. Until I heard 'Communication Breakdown' on a TDK 90 cassette."


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