Friday, July 13, 2012

Songs that had us smiling

One of music's primary roles in our lives is to bring happiness.
This week, ROUTE 1 readers share their experiences by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What song had you smiling this week?"
MIKE M. -- "I'm Confessin'" by Quintette du Hot Club de France with Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.
KERI M. -- "Say Hey" by Michael Franti.
MIKE D. -- Since my wife has exposed our sons to one of her favorite musicians — Michael Jackson — I thought I would give them a taste of Weird Al Yankovic, and had them watch his "Eat It" and "Fat" videos on YouTube. And while I was there, I called up Weird Al's "Living with a Hernia" video. Now that's funny!
STEVE M. -- "Mendocino" by the Sir Douglas Quintet.  Two decades ago, right after meeting my future brother in law, the four of us (him, me, and two sisters) were heading from SF to Mendocino in his van.  I told him about the song from my junior high days, but the only words I could remember were "Mendocino!.....Mendocino!......".  He didn't think it was a real song.  I couldn't blame him.
BRIAN M. -- With the weather finally summerlike, I've had a taste for Red Stripe and the rocksteady beat of "The Prince" by Madness in my head.
KERSTIN H. -- Any Queen song... as always.
JOHN S. -- I taught my kids the Oscar Meyer bologna song this weekend.
RICK T. -- Charley Pride's "Wonder Could I Live There Anymore."
ERIK H. -- I had endured a particularly unpleasant day at work this week when I decided to go to bed early and listen to music. I rather randomly chose Genesis, and "Dancing With the Moonlit Knight" had me smiling despite my bad day.


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