Sunday, July 15, 2012

More to "Naked Kiss" than I suspected

Last night I watched the 1964 SAMUEL FULLER neo-noir "THE NAKED KISS" on DVD.
Constance Towers stars as Kelly, a prostitute leaving that life behind as she attempts to renew herself after relocating to a small town.
Anthony Eisley is Griff, the local cop who finds himself both attracted and repelled by Kelly, and Michael Dante plays Grant, the wealthy man with the secret darker than Kelly's past life.
It's a movie with more going on than initially meets the eye.
Critic Lisa Dombrowski writes:
"'The Naked Kiss' might at first appear raw, unbridled and even 'primitive,' but analysis demonstrates just how calculated and intricate its use of visual style is. Fuller takes us on a carefully crafted journey, encouraging us to look beyond appearances and labels, to sift the difference between what is an illusion and what is real."
I'm looking forward to further exploring Fuller's film.


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