Thursday, December 01, 2011

Enjoying a film that has everything

Every once in a while I have to watch ORSON WELLES' "TOUCH OF EVIL" -- the version restored as closely as possible to the director's original vision -- to remind myself what a great film can achieve.
I can watch "Touch of Evil" for the plot, which follows the uncovering of a corrupt law official in a border town, or I can watch it for the cast, which includes a wide-eyed and frenzied DENNIS WEAVER in a small but significant role.
CHARLTON HESTON, JANET LEIGH and Welles himself are superb, too.
I can also watch the film for its mastery, including a three-minute-20-second opening tracking shot that set a standard for great, long takes.
Last night, I watched it just for the pure enjoyment of all its parts meshing together, and I marveled that the studio could even consider messing with it.


Blogger iconoclasp said...

I have never seen this but will definitely check it out, I've actually been meaning to. I've been finding it difficult to find new films to watch that are good enough that I can make it through. Thanks for the motivation :)

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