Friday, January 21, 2011

Morning rituals (count how many involve coffee)

Just another morning at ROUTE 1 H.Q.: I stepped over two cats while letting the dog out, cleared a path of girls' clothes so I could reach the bathroom, froze my feet letting the dog back inside, turned on the coffee pot, set up the laptop, woke up my oldest daughter (while stepping over the same two cats), grabbed a cup of coffee, collapsed in my chair and began recording this week's answers to the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What's one thing you always have to do in the morning?"

JOHN S. -- Brush my teeth.

KERSTIN H. -- Tell at least one cat to stop eating Rory's food.

SASKIA M. -- Start the coffee machine before I go outside to walk the dogs -- then drink my coffee when I get back inside.

ANNIKA H. -- Be woken up three times.

KERI M. -- Have coffee.

JEFF T. -- Wrangle toddlers... while making coffee.

INGER H. -- At first I didn't want to get rid of cable, cause it would mean that I could no longer watch Sal Casteneda on the channel 2 morning news tell me about the horrible traffic everywhere and any possible BART delays. Then I got an HD antenna. And now everything is great.

LAURA C. -- The dishes from the night before.

ROSEANNE H. -- Make coffee and go out and get the paper.

SANDYE V. -- Make a pot of coffee. Drink the coffee. Ahhhhh...

BEKAH P. -- Shower. And I think everybody should back me up on that, and perhaps adopt it as their own must-do routine.

RICK T. -- Check my e-mail and Facebook.

ERIK H. -- Sip coffee and check West Coast sports scores. It's hard being a Bay Area sports fan from two time zones away.


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