Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disappointment, sure, but Duck pride too

Sure, I'm disappointed AUBURN defeated MY BELOVED OREGON DUCKS, 22-19, in last night's NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.
Don't get me wrong, though -- I'm pretty proud, too.

The Ducks made some uncharacteristic mental mistakes -- examples include quarterback Darron Thomas making an incorrect read on a running play by the goal line and defenders allowing Auburn's Michael Dyer to get up and continue running after it initially appeared he had been brought down.

The Ducks made some fine plays, too -- examples include the defense making "superhero" Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton appear merely human (265 yards passing and 64 yards rushing, but a pair of sacks with 13 yards lost and an interception) and a converting an audacious fake punt for a first down.

My late uncle was an Oregon alum, and my late dad was a massive Ducks fan, so I have been cheering for the green-and-yellow- (and silver, and whatever other color happens to be in the locker)-clad Ducks for ages.

With the Giants winning the World Series, I guess one life-defining surprise championship is all I get in one season.


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