Sunday, December 26, 2010

Australia's low total on Boxing Day

It's snowing a little outside again, but I am in denial of the flurries.
I'm staying up late because it's BOXING DAY Down Under, and that means it's time for CRICKET.

I'm listening online as ENGLAND (currently 62-0) are batting in their first innings, having bowled AUSTRALIA out for 98 -- the lowest Aussie Test score against England at the MELBOURNE CRICKET GROUND.

English bowlers Chris Tremlett (four wickets taken against 26 runs scored) and James Anderson (4-44) gave the hosts fits earlier this evening (our time).

A small urn called THE ASHES symbolizes the English-Australian cricket rivalry. We're fast approaching the anniversary of a tour of London's Lord's Cricket Ground, where my sister INGER and I saw the urn for ourselves, during a tour of the Lord's museum.

We've also been to Australia, so I'm following this year's series closer than I have before.

It's been great fun -- not for the Aussies today, however.


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