Monday, November 15, 2010

Almost as fanciful as a theme park for penguins

I just woke up from a fanciful dream: I was employed by DISNEY and I was helping to develop a theme park in ANTARCTICA.
The job required a site visit, so I recall being in a dilapidated church in some remote community on the bottom of the world. Just before I awoke, I was back at Disney H.Q., in sun-drenched Southern California.
Here's something almost as fanciful:
Yesterday afternoon, I watched my first CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE game of the season on TV, and it was remarkable.

Jason Clermont caught a 24-yard touchdown pass in the second overtime series as the SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS beat the B.C. LIONS, 41-38, to advance to the Western Final against Calgary.

The playoff game was one of those seesaw affairs, with the visiting Lions holding an early lead, only for the hometown Riders to rally for two second-half touchdowns.

British Columbia had the ball but little hope as time expired in regulation.

Trailing by a touchdown, Lions' quarterback Travis Lulay heaved a Hail Mary pass into the end zone, where Emmanuel Arceneaux snared it with no time left on the clock. The conversion that followed sent the game into O.T.

The teams traded touchdowns in the first O.T. series (played similar to college overtime in the States), but the Riders held the Lions to a field goal in the second overtime series -- paving the way for the winning score.

The victory would have seemed like a dream to Clermont, a Regina, Sask., native who had been signed by his hometown Riders after being cut by the Lions in 2008.

I doubt there were any penguins for Clermont, however, which is how his dream differed from mine.


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