Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Thompson Twins are making me dance again

I am listening to THE THOMPSON TWINS, feeling a bit nostalgic, and dancing in my chair, trying not to wake up anybody else in the house.
I just read a GUARDIAN piece on ALANNAH CURRIE, one of the trio's two singers, this morning online (read it yourself here).
The Kiwi is now an artist-upholsterer, who moved back from New Zealand to the U.K. after falling in love with artist JIMMY CAUTY -- formerly one half of dance music/anarchists THE KLF.
Hmm... Small world.
I wasn't sure about how I felt about The Thompson Twins during the band's heyday -- they were a bit too mainstream for me and TOM BAILEY had hair that was a bit too big for his own good (pictured).
I'm singing along this morning, though, so perhaps I was a bit too harsh on the band back in the Eighties.