Friday, September 28, 2007

Rime of the Ancient FQ Answerer

ROUTE 1 readers might be feeling their age this week, as they answer the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"When was the last time you heard something that made you feel old?"
Mike M. -- While watching the Cowboys and Bears on Sunday Night Football last week, I caught myself reminiscing about Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Howard Cosell, and Monday Night Football.
Rob K. -- Never... until you asked this question. I never thought about age. It has been irrelevant to me... until now. Age is a state of mind more than body. One is only as old as they feel. I have always felt younger than my years... until now. A person's age only amounts to linear time mile markers whose significance relates solely to quantity not quality. The quality of my life has always been much more important... until now.
Rick T. -- "Man, you're getting gray!" That will do it.
Roseanne H. -- Realizing that my son has been out of college for 20 years.
Gary D. -- When a co-worker (who shall remain nameless) said: "I was born the year you were hired here."
Erik H. -- My wife Jill gave me a tour of her new office building the other day. When we reached one cubicle, she introduced me to the woman sitting at the desk and said: "This is the girl who played piano at our wedding."


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