Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rod is in fine form

In his review of "Pool Hall Richard" in a 1973 Melody Maker, Chris Welch wrote that "Rod is in fine throaty form, and the band get into such a groove, they threaten to dismantle the studio."
I had to drive to Cassville, Wis., for an interview this afternoon. I listened to my Faces box set during the 80-mile round trip.
As great as the Mercury-era Rod Stewart singles were, I think these Faces songs were greater.
I love "Maggie May" and "Mandolin Wind," but "Stay With Me," "Cindy Incidentally" and yes, "Pool Hall Richard" are better.
Stewart had a voice tailored for rock and roll. Yet most of his most memorable solo singles (including "(Finally Found a) Reason to Believe" and "You Wear it Well") are slow to medium grooves.
With the Faces, Stewart could really cut loose and *ROCK.*
Before too long, his career would become mired in pop and disco dross, but at least with the Faces, Stewart truly soared.


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