Monday, March 26, 2007

"Tunnel Vision" is out of this world

On our recent trip to Chicago I bagged a real gem of a two-DVD set.
"Tunnel Vision" includes 30 video clips from the two-decade career of Australia's HOODOO GURUS, as well as 16 clips of the band live.
You can trace the band's career by watching lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Dave Faulkner's hair: His hair initially towers over his head, and he admits to using altogether too much Aqua-Net. Faulkner's hair shortens and thins and eventually it reaches balding middle age. Much like the hair of many of the band's fans, I am afraid (and all-too-keenly aware).
Despite the gradually diminishing hair, the band never loses its ability to craft the catchiest pop around.
An accompanying, feature-length documentary, "Be My Guru," places Faulkner at center stage. Wave upon wave of fans, critics, musicians and fellow band members comment on Faulkner's remarkable songwriting ability.
Some bands can produce one or two or even five classic songs. Thanks to Faulkner, the Gurus launched catchy anthems like they were coming off an assembly line -- "Tojo," "My Girl," "Like Wow, Wipeout," "Less Than a Feeling," "Another World" (with a memorably wacky clip featuring the band as aliens, pictured above), "Bittersweet," "What's My Scene?" and "I Want You Back" to name just a handful.
I am working a later shift than usual today at work, so this morning I plan to revisit "Tunnel Vision" and its look at what must surely be my favorite band.


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