Thursday, March 22, 2007

Make room for Lee Morgan

I have long been an admirer of LEE MORGAN, the Philadelphia trumpeter whose 1972 murder cut short a remarkable career that included the indelible solo on Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night in Tunisia" as well as his own classic tune, "The Sidewinder," a big-enough hit that Chrysler used it in an automobile ad during the 1965 World Series.
The past couple days I have been listening to Morgan's work on two more memorable albums:
1) On Jimmy Smith's "The Sermon," Morgan gets so lost in his solo on the song "J.O.S." that he ignores the leader's buzzing, organ-chord "sign-off" command. Morgan just keeps on playing. It is great music and very funny. "The Sermon," from 1958, is available on Blue Note Records.
2) On Hank Mobley's "No Room for Squares," Morgan provides a pair of originals, the lovely "Carolyn" and the catchy "Me 'N You." It is great "driving around in the sunshine music," particularly if you really don't have a place to go.
Mobley's "No Room for Squares," from 1963, is also available on Blue Note Records. Check out their Web site, located here.


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