Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Music for when your brain goes THWACK!

I am in training this week on our new computer system at work. Actually, it is "train the trainer" training, meaning I have to learn the new system well enough to teach it to other people.
As a result, I am leaving work with a "hurt" brain. I feel like my brain has been through a rigorous workout, leaving it sore and tired.
Luckily I have two things in my favor when I attempt to recover:
1) Good weather gives me an opportunity to take a long walk after work, giving my brain a rest as my body takes the lead.
2) I have a great new 60s soul playlist on my iPod to ease my mental pain.
The song that recharged my batteries last night? "You Left The Water Running" by Maurice & Mac.
"You left the water running, when your left me behind/You left the water running, it's running from these eyes of mine."
Maurice McAlister and McLauren Green never scored a very big hit with this song, written by Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham, but it sure lifted me out of my mental fatigue last night!


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