Sunday, March 04, 2007

Association football as emotional rollercoaster

Carlos Tevez curled the free kick over the wall and under the crossbar, scoring his first goal for West Ham. The Argentine international then pulled off his shirt and hopped into the adoring arms of the crowd.
That was the height of jubilation for last-place West Ham today.
More than 50 minutes later, the team seemingly condemned for the drop felt the pain of absolute despair.
Tottenham Hotspur substitute Paul Stalteri pounced on a rebound and poked the ball into the net in the sixth minute of stoppage time and Spurs had won, 4-3.
Today's live match on Fox Soccer Channel was the best possible advertisement for football as the world's best game.
I am so thankful to have watched it!


Blogger Pedro Morgado said...

Fantastic game. I hope the next game, in Braga, will be so spectacular as this one. You're welcome in Braga in this fantastic stadium!

6:41 PM  

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