Thursday, March 29, 2007

C Gayle, S Chanderpaul, RR Sarwan, MN Samuels, BC Lara, DJ Bravo, D Ramdin, DR Smith, LMP Simmons, DB Powell, CD Collymore

Aahh... Cricket on the radio.
What better way to start a rare Thursday off work?
Well, there are probably several, if not many, more exciting ways to begin a day off.
However, I am enjoying listening to New Zealand's Michael Mason bowling to the West Indies' strike partnership of Chris Gayle and Shivnarine Chanderpaul in a Cricket World Cup "Super 8s" match live on Indian radio.
Gayle and Chanderpaul each scored a run in the first, rather sedate, first over of the match.
The Indian commentator just said:
"Chris Gayle is batting on banana peels."
I think he means that the West Indies opening batsman is playing too cautiously. At the end of the second over it is five runs without loss for the "Windies," who after getting absolutely hammered by Australia in their last match, really need to win to keep their advancement hopes alive.
The murder of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer has understandably overshadowed any exploits on the field at this World Cup.
However, two achievements worth noting include:
1) South Africa's Herschelle Gibbs hit a record six sixes in an over off Holland's Dan van Bunge on March 16. In other words, Gibbs hit the ball out of the park on every ball bowled during the six-ball over. South Africa easily won the match.
2) Sri Lanka's Lasith "The Slinger" Malinga claimed four wickets on four balls -- another international record -- in yesterday's loss to South Africa.
At the moment, West Indies have a rather quiet seven runs after the first four overs.
Riveting stuff, thanks to cricket on the radio.


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