Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is the dawning of the age of curd austerity

As if the 7-2 losing scoreline was not bad enough, today's experience at the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS game at the MILWAUKEE BREWERS' MILLER PARK held one more unpleasant surprise.
After watching Milwaukee pitcher Yovani Gallardo club one of his team's three home runs to sink my Giants, ANNIKA and I ventured to the concession stands for a HOT DOG (one of my requisites for any trip to a baseball game) and FRIED CHEESE CURDS (a uniquely Wisconsin experience).
The hot dog was great.
The cheese curds came half the size of last year's allotment, and I was stunned.
Times are tough all over, but giving half the amount of curds given last season? What are we living in, some new, dark age of CHEESE CURD AUSTERITY?
I'd complain to lawmakers, but they seem to have bigger problems at the moment.
Kind of like the suddenly struggling Giants, I guess.


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