Friday, April 19, 2013

Remembering Storm Thorgerson and his indelible legacy

Want news of the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING manhunt?
I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere.
ROUTE 1 is today celebrating the work of ICONIC ALBUM COVER DESIGNER STORM THORGERSON, who has died, age 69.
His name might not be too familiar, but most music fans will know examples of his work. 
The cover of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon?" The one with the light refracted through the triangle? Yeah, that's his work.
The covers for the first three, eponymous solo albums by Peter Gabriel, incuding the 1978 one with the light streaming up from Gabriel's claw-like hands? Yeah, that's his work.
The cover the Scorpions' "Animal Magnetism" album, the one with the woman and the dog kneeling next to the standing dude whose got his hand in his back pocket? Yep.
Thorgerson was a founding member of the creative team of HIPGNOSIS, the London art design firm that revolutionized album-cover design, creating indelible images for XTC, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and many other bands.
I first really paid attention to his work when I received LED ZEPPELIN'S "PRESENCE" on 8-track as a kid. The cover showed what appeared to be a happy family at a yacht basin staring at some strange, black obelisk.
It was mysterious and bewitching, and I've never forgotten it.
That's Thorgerson's legacy -- he created the unforgettable. Isn't that one of the best legacies of all?


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