Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Crocodiles" still sounds brilliant, three decades on

I listened to "CROCODILES" by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN while driving ANNIKA to dance class last night.
I was surprised that it continues to sound brilliant, even after all of these years (it was released 31 years ago).
I'm not the only one who sees the disc's radiance continue undimmed as the decades stretch. Looking back at the album in 1997, INTERNATIONAL MUSIC PUBLICATIONS declared:
"Still, to this day, one of the most classic debut LPs of our time."
The writers at STYLUS magazine declared in 1999 that:
"Crocodiles was a gorgeous post-punk blast of star-flung angst which was as perfect for its time as 'Sergeant Peppers' or 'Nevermind.'"
Crocodiles stands as a timeless album set amongst the pantheon of other great moments in rock. That's their words, but it might as well be mine.


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