Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Si sente meglio adesso?

Forza Italia!
Through an odd combination of factors -- mostly dealing with calcio (soccer) -- the whole house is gripped in Italian fever this morning.
I have been reading Tim Parks' insightful chronicle of a season of Serie A calcio, "A Season With Verona." Kerstin has been discussing her wish to become an exchange student when she gets to high school (the soon-to-be fifth grader wants to go to Venice) and Annika has been learning how to say "Good day, friend" -- "buon giorno, amico" -- by studying a "Berlitz Italian for Travelers" book circa 1954. It had belonged to my grandmother.
Yes... We are all caught in a grip of Italian fever. All except for Jill, but that is sure to change when the Azzurri take the field against the Germans this afternoon. Never mind that her maiden name is Beckman and that her favorite local tavern is a bierstube. No, she is sure to catch this Italian fever of ours. It is so contagious.
Per piacere, chiami un dottore! Sono ammalato!


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