Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Plenty of 'what ifs' in the history of The Kinks

I just began reading "THE KINKS: ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT," a 352-page, day-by-day history of the British band by DOUG HINMAN.
It's full of interesting facts about the group that produced "You Really Got Me," "Waterloo Sunset," "Lola" and other musical gems.
I learned that ROD STEWART, a classmate of RAY AND DAVE DAVIES, sang in one gig by the school rock band that would become The Kinks and that Kink-to-be MICK AVORY played drums in rehearsals with an early version of THE ROLLING STONES.
There are plenty of "what ifs" in rock history, and the history of The Kinks in particular.


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