Sunday, March 02, 2014

Resnais mastered the New Wave art of film reinvention

The French NOUVELLE VAGUE director ALAIN RESNAIS has died age 91.
We have his 1959 drama "HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR" on DVD, and I turn to it when I want to experience an exquisite kind of sadness.
The plot is simply a series of conversations between a French actress and her Japanese architect lover about the past, memory, forgetfulness and regret.
Resnais raises the film to high art through his use of flashbacks, imaginative point-of-view shots and a nonlinear storyline.
One of the hallmarks of France's new wave of cinema was the ability to shed unnecessary film "rules" to create a fresh approach to storytelling.
Resnais was a master of this ability.


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