Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quirky enough for now, Niners, but what about later?

SAN FRANCISCO is quirky.
I know, because I have spent many days in the city by the bay. I was born and mostly raised in the area, and I make it a habit to return as often as possible. I love the place.
The quirky nature of the place is why I wasn't surprised when last night's twin POWER OUTAGES that delayed the 49ERS' 20-3 MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL victory over the STEELERS.
Power outages are quirky, just like how earthquakes are quirky (as long as they don't cause too much damage or kill too many people) and baseball relief pitchers with chest-length beards are quirky and foggy days in July that are colder than some days in January are quirky.
Besides being quirky, the power outages at 51-year-old CANDLESTICK PARK reminded the nation why the 49ers cannot wait to move to a state-of-the-art stadium in SANTA CLARA.
That's what made me pause last night. I'm just afraid the South Bay isn't quirky enough for my Niners.
"Will they still be called the San Francisco 49ers when they move?" one of my daughters asked during the telecast.
I honestly don't know. I am afraid the team owners might concoct some name-by-marketing-committee, like the dreadful "LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHEIM."
That's just a dumb name. It's not quirky.
I hope when the 49ers do move, they retain some of their identity. You know, that quirky nature that leads to power outages and victory parades with cornerbacks striding atop phony cable cars. Now that's quirky.


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