Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jazzing out to Scratch

The girls are spending the morning with their grandfather, Jill remains asleep and I am rocking out to Lee "Scratch" Perry's "Cloak & Dagger."
If "rocking out" is really the appropriate phrase. I don't think it is, actually. It feels like I am "jazzing out."
Perry had produced a number of organ-driven instrumentals -- many inspired by spaghetti western soundtracks -- by 1973. Then, this Jamaican musical genius took a revelatory turn for the experimental. He began to subtract musical elements -- the organ, a guitar, horns, etc. -- from his previous creations. The result was dub, a jazzy concoction of sound that sometimes jars, sometimes floats but never leaves me bored. I am continually surprised by his experimentation, and what could only amount to "background music" instead has me listening intently to see what he is going on about.
In fact, it seems to me to be the perfect accompaniment to a lazy Sunday morning.


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